Only 4 of 160 legislators were present for Hate Speech Bill debate:

This is what passes for representative democracy in modern Ireland, I for one want nothing to do with their backwards form of governance and I distinctly remember “someone” saying in An Dáil we did Not bail out the banks… so all that USC, rasing interest rates and privatisation don’t apply, that was hypothecation if we balied out the banks, he was “very clear” we did not. So I guess the irish State went bankrupt in 2007? Liquidated assets until 2019, implemented a population control system 2020 and now have finally given up on even trying to convince us on any rule of law and ate just criminalising all human activity… If the State can’t control our borders, our streets or our institutions what are they bestowed with athority for?

They wheld the baton of leadership like a weapon not an honor then flee in cowerdess when People actully need a leader when we speak to a legal fiction of a political man we are face to face with the parasites humanity. We need it take our parliament back we are Na fianna for fuck sake, (Na Fianna were a small band of roving hunter-warriors. It was made up of landless young men of free birth, often young aristocrats, “who had left fosterage but had not yet inherited the property needed to settle down as full landowning members of the túath”).

We have had and are having our heritage, our past and our futures stolen right from under our feet and the basterds don’t even have the decency to face us from the protective positioning of Government Chambers they would prefer to embezzel our Nations wealth and fuck you. Happy St Patrick’s day folks enjoy the commershalised cadaver that was your culture one last time before its to dangerous to ever debate such a socially exclusive as celebrating something so obviously oppressive and offensive to our new “micro/mibile” Community decorating the city’s of Western cultures. When will we realise we all must get active in some small way shape or form we must realise we have no political representation we all must stand up for what we belive in not some c##t in a suit and fantasy we bought and paid for, instead of being able to do a proper shop for food and cleaning products or deciding to pay the rent or the esb bill. You have not failed your “leaders” have failed you, repeatedly, progressively worse and blatantly undeniable… You can’t buy a house, pay rent, utilities, travel or dream of anything out side of a narrow allowance… this is what humans have being reduced to? Sit down, shut up and fuck off you degenaret peasants the Global Masters have had a whim and your gona pay for it repeatedly, over budget and make it happen.

Our resent referendum amounts to nothing short of €20 million treasonous exersise but the Phycopaths in €2000 suits believe you are a terrorist? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Thanks to Gript for producing this infuriating piece

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