We have a good selection of resources that are available straight away for anyone that wishes to have an information drop in their area. We are not asking you to promote or endorse WakeUpéiRe, we are simply offering up what we have, so anyone can get going in the information war.

Information leaflets

We have printed over 470k of our own Leaflets as well as distributing over 40k from other concerned groups. All our Leaflets are available in PDF form for you to print at home.

Pfizer Data

Sex Education

Excess Deaths


A great way to get the message out discreetly in your local area.

Cash is Democracy

Smart Meters

Safe and Effective

Message Boards

If you are having an information drop and need some message boards we have you covered. We have a large range covering many of the issues we are facing.

If you have created any material that you would like to offer to the groups working on the ground, you can send it to us here and we will try get it into the hands of the public.