Neutrality – Ireland’s wider efforts to promote international peace and security.

In the wake of the Irish Government’s imbalanced, ‘Consultative Forum on International Security Policy’ this film provides a vital contribution to the discussion on the importance of Irish neutrality and its role as the bedrock of Irish foreign and defence policy. Even today – especially today – as war rages in so many areas around the world and as two nuclear armed ‘superpowers’ actively engage in a proxy war, the world urgently needs voices calling for, and countries working towards, de-escalation, demilitarization and disarmament.

Ireland should be that voice! A Force For Good ?

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We ( are not here to promote or argue one way or the other for a Political figure or “Party” however, credit where credit is due, TD Matt Carthy speech in An Dáil is absolutely well worth keeping in mind as the more murderous among us try to convince us to sacrifice our Sons’, Daughter’ friends and foe, to die for a dispute thousands of years old, thousands of miles away that we as a People or Nation have no part or true comprehension of…

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