Paul Murphy from People Before Profit (a far-left communist party) gets confronted by a local protentional election candidate, Gavin Pepper. People Before Profit is right, they have imported the people now he plans on making a killing Profit hence PBP, its more polite than migrants before murder and that is exactly what the policies of Mr Murphy leads to.

Paul accused Gavin of being a Landlord on the floor of An Dáil, Gavin is a joe nobody who is angry by having his future and his children’s futures embezzled and devalued, his, his family and friends property therened and his community security diminished along with the million other reasons there are the be angry at a local career politician.

Paul is a TD in Dáil, he got there by scamming people like you and me to give him money and trust during the water charges resistance as he is a qualified Barrister he “offered” to protect the people for a small €5.00 fee Pp thus funding his future political career. To be fair he did sit in front of a car and “Terrifie” kidnap a politician at the time.

He was raised in the finest Ireland had to offer. His father was CEO of Mars Foods Europe. This gave Mr Murphy a slight upper hand over the People he claims to be a “Man of” He grew up in close proximity to not only huge sums of money and the life that comes with that but he has personally benefitted immensely from the globalization of Ireland, the dumbing down and fatting up of the People of Ireland. If your wondering why everybody is tiered and rundown, Paul Murphy is one of many place where your energy is being syphoned to. When Paul is concerned for security he will have you pay for his and his family Government security detail from work you did for schools and hospitals and to a lesser case Garda (although Increasing) in our option Paul murphy is a class example of a human parasite, I would not just fire him from his post, I would fire him from a cannon in the the Atlantic… I bet he wouldn’t even get wet, he’d land in a NGOs boat.

Video soruced from Gavin Pepper on Twitter/X: https://twitter.com/randompadd80784

I cant imagine how the political elite thought this would end.

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