WakeUpéiRe: Family and Care Referendum Awareness Campaign.

Doing our bit to stop the destruction of the “Family Unit” and the deletion of the “Woman” from our Constitution.

On Friday the 2nd of February 2024, we will be starting our public awareness campaign to oppose the 39th and 40th Amendments to the Irish Constitution . We will be holding daily information drops at busy road junctions, town centres, shopping centres , as well as going door-to-door all over Dublin and surrounding counties.

The resources we have created for our campaign are all available here, in PDF format, for anyone to download and print. We are adding more daily . We will have TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY THOUSAND leaflets and THIRTY THOUSAND STICKERS, which we will be sharing with all groups around éiRe that are active on the street.
None of the content has WakeUPéiRe’s name on it. Our only aim is to get the message out . If you have created any content on this issue, and would like to share it, please send it HERE .


WakeUpéiRe is run by volunteers. Up to now, we have funded the vast majority of the considerable amount of the work we have done between the participants who, already give up their time. We are not in a position to cover the cost of this project ourselves but our printer has kindly offered to print these resources and wait for payment. We would very much appreciate any support you could give.


To receive a package of 500 leaflets and 50 stickers to go door to door to raise awareness.

Stay updated on where we will be during our Campaign.

Irish Voices Defending Women and Motherhood

Information leaflets Opposing the 39th and 40th Amendments

Vote No to the 40th Amendment A5

Vote no to ‘Durable RelationshipsA5

Do You Trust This Government A5

Mná na hÉireann poem (BLACK) A6

Mná na hÉireann poem (WHITE) A6

Joseph from HOLD THE LINE put this two page information leaflet together

Message Boards

Here are some of the message boards we are using for our Campaign. The the PDFs are there for you to take to your printer. They are 2×2 foot Square


The stickers are 10x7cm

11 thoughts on “WakeUpéiRe: Family and Care Referendum Awareness Campaign.

  1. Hi, how do I donate ?
    Also I would like to receive some flyers and stickers to distribute in local areas near me.

  2. Marcus Murtagh I couldn’t get back my daughter from my late wife’s boyfriend even though I was the father and legal guardian . TUSLA we’re worse than useless . In the end she had to be taken into care from him and she ended up back where she should have always been . With her Father . Now if this nonsense goes through I would have no rights and this stranger she would have been with would have been considered a family unit . Imagine what help I would have gotten then . TUSLA would again be useless . Unless their real function is to destroy families . That task they do very well

      1. How come you never added in that a lot of these TDS men and women who have families will be voting this in which shows the women have no pespect for other women and the men dont give a damn about women either including their wives this should be added in to the leaflets

        1. Hi Sid. There is only so much we can fit on a leaflet and we are never going to please everyone with anything we produce. We always aim for our target audience and hope something will resonate. Making leaflets is something everyone can do, we always encourage people to make their own as you are more likely to be motivated to hand them out which is the actually the real hard yards.

  3. Wow that’s an amazing amount of work by a small group of people. Well done. Hope to see you at some of the leaflet info drops
    Thank you for all your great work.

  4. Well done guys and gals,
    Go néirí an mbóthar leat,
    Kevin, Cork City.
    Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.
    Margaret Mead

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