08/01/2024. Outside Pfizer HG with some WakeUpéiRe Volunteers

WakeUpéiRe have been supporting the vaccine injured outside Pfizer since September 2022. On Monday the 8th of January 2024 a handful of dedicated volunteers braved the bitter cold outside Pfizers HQ at Ringends Dublin. In this clip the Volunteers talk about some of the stories they are hearing from the passers by that morning. Everyone at WakeUpéiRe can testify from real life encounters on the street that there are many people suffering adverse reactions from the Covid 19 vaccine with the majority doing so in silence as the institutions that told us all it was SAFE AND EFFECTIVE are still not admitting in public what they all know in private. Thankfully we are seeing a big shift in public awareness with more people approaching us every time we go out in public and they are opening up about the real life consequences for them for entering the medical trial. If you would like to support our oncoming information awareness campaigns you can do so HERE

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