Excess Deaths Information Drop

On December 1st 2023 WakeUpéiRe held an information drop through Dublin city to highlight the staggering increase in Excess Deaths Since the Covid 19 vaccine rollout. We handed out 10k leaflets on Excess Deaths and Pfizers Own Safety Data which clearly shows they were aware since February 2021 that their Covid 19 vaccine was causing fatalities. We delivered a letter with our proven concerns to the Minster of Health’s Office seeking an immediate halt to the Covid 19 vaccine program until an independent inquiry can definitively rule it out as having anything to do with these Excess Deaths.

Dr. Gerry Waters

Patrick E Walshe

Dr Ann Mc Closkey

WakeUpéiRe Volunteer Cathy talks about why we went to the Ministers office

WakeUpéiRe volunteer Marion talks about Pfizers Data

A few words from WakeUpéiRe volunteer Edel

Few words from WakeUpéiRe volunteer Mars

A few words from Dave Egan

A few words from WakeUpéiRe volunteer Louise

A few words from WakeUpéiRe volunteer Barry

A few words from WakeUpéiRe volunteer Dave Zoonan

A few words from Ferg

Organizer: WakeUpEire.com
Camera operator: Robert Pierzyński
producer: Robert Pierzyński & Action-Covid-1984

2 thoughts on “Excess Deaths Information Drop

  1. Hello and well done on all this.
    Below is the wording of the poem I was referring to. Use it if and as you see fit.


    Ponder This – from Revealing to Healing

    If there’s a concern
    that washing up liquid
    leaves residue on dishes,
    and we go rinse after washing
    To ensure that we miss it –
    (no thought, either, that it’s trails
    sink down to our fishes!!)
    Are we being both cautious and /or malicious?

    If such a little pattern is important, perhaps,
    Now can we reflect on a different ‘portent’?
    Like the impact of a substance, put direct into our veins.
    Could it be a poison? Of how many grains?
    Put in – despite hearing many ‘don’t do it’ refrains.

    The evidence now mounting, revealing –
    In literature – not hearsay, the dangers.
    While we happily ignored many ‘light working’ rangers.
    Even, made them into strangers!

    If you did inject poison, how many ‘doses’ did you get?
    Have you felt unwell or suffered illnesses since then?
    Please, do no risk more ‘Russian Roulette’.

    Many now, for loved ones, are already grieving.
    But their leaving reason, we are – not yet believing.
    It is only ourselves we are deceiving.
    The concern you/we feel having ‘acted with zeal’
    Must be very real, as against the truth, for yourself you now steal.

    Side effects listed – an endless selection
    Too numerous to list fully, I’ll just give few a mention …

    Male and female infertility;
    Inflammation of various organs and tissues.
    Myocarditis; Hepatitis; Auto Immune Acquired Deficiency;
    Repeat aggressive cancers already ‘late stage’
    And many new ones experienced by the young in age.
    Not to mention the many, falling down dead.
    And ‘overall cause mortality’, up worldwide by near a 5th?
    Now, surely, you should be miffed.
    Your head needs a lift.
    Christ, this debacle, does me enrage. So now engage.

    If you partook in this ‘one world experiment’
    It is time to accept the predicament now revealing.
    But hold tight, don’t just hit the ceiling.
    There are remedies and routes for ‘care’ and ‘self-healing’.

    They start with ‘feeling’, seeing the revealing, embracing the facts
    Are you ready yet, for ‘light workers’ and ‘believing’?

    Ok so. First – steady your heart, breathe and get calm.
    Anger at this point, is only a short lived balm.
    Then, put up your prayers, as in God is your fate.
    No. Do not stress. It is never too late.

    There are many ‘therapies’ for bodily relief
    So now, let God guide you also, to the answers you seek.
    Don’t be meek, look for the help. Ask, take the leap.
    From us ‘healers’ you’ll get offered, many ways to divest
    From your heavenly body, this unwarranted test.
    Detox processes and practices for a deep cleanse,
    Will help maintain your chances of both getting and staying well,
    Until God’s love reveals ‘clearance’ from their ultimate spell.
    Meanwhile, seek solutions within this earthly realm.
    Help yourself get a fully functioning immune system, back on track.

    Don’t let your life or hope ‘sink down the drain’
    Address the issues – get out of all pain.
    You are not food for the fishes yet!
    So don’t fret. Ask, and go get.

    No question now, of being cautious or malicious – re those fishes!
    Get help. Revive. Go, be hopeful and ambitious.


    available on both Rumble and You Tube under Louiseiology if you want/need a link.
    Kind regards,

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