Suzie D talks to Mattias Desmet about the nature of the incoming Totalitarian System

“During his recent stop over in Dublin, Ireland, we sat down with Mattias Desmet, the world renowned psychologist, expert on mass formation and author of The Psychology of Totalitarianism. During the interview, he discusses some of the following…
– How to resist & how the system will ultimately fail.
– Controlled & uncontrolled chaos & whether hunger would wake the masses.
– What effect economic hardship will have on the masses.
– Whether riots would signal a fundamental change in the mass formation, & the embracing of new narratives.
– The delusion of our Totalitarian leaders, a hellish “paradise” & murderous finales.
– The need for anxiety in “Utopia”.
– How denial of reality takes its revenge on the masses & survival advice for resistors.
– The self destructive nature of Totalitarianism” SuzieD.

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