CHEMTRAILS – Are You Being Sprayed Like a Bug?

Concerned men and women of eiRe present Chemtrails Look Up!
This is not a conspiracy theory. Chemtrails are real and are happening above our heads on a daily basis. Here is some undeniable footage of chemtrails being sprayed from several places in Ireland.

5 thoughts on “CHEMTRAILS – Are You Being Sprayed Like a Bug?

  1. Freedom of information request to epa environmental protection agency. On what information they may have on chemical trails or cloud seeding.

    1. Good luck with that Frank. EPA were approached some years ago, I wonder will their reply be the same as then? They stated that they had no interest in anything that happened more than (can’t remember exactly) something like 20 metres above ground level.

      1. This has been going on the US since the 1940s. The said they were doing it because since there was a hole in the Ozone layer created by the Atom Bombs they were trying to protect us from the suns rays. It deflects some of the radiation from the sun. But it will cause overcast and many times rain.

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