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We are out and about in Dublin and surrounding Counties all the time. If you would like to get involved please visit https://www.wakeupeire.com/
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Pop down and get a few flyers to post in your neighbourhood.🇮🇪
Forwarded from Bat
Latest excess death figures for FEB 2024. This year so far excess deaths stand at 16.4% which is lower than last years overall total but what is worrying is the February figures which were much higher than last year. Also something worrying in the data is the consistency of the death rate. By taking daily counts, even early in the month it has become possible to predict the monthly figure. Deaths are not coming in waves but are consistent. Looking through rip.ie many young deaths appear to be cancer. Excess death seems to have gone off the radar of most people. We have been distracted by the culture wars and the plantation of our country. Bring this to your local doctor, priest and public representative. We need to get this conversation moving again. For more data check www.irelandexcessdeaths.com and analysis from https://open.substack.com/pub/patrickewalsh/p/ripie-excess-deaths-february-2024?utm_campaign=post&utm_medium=web

John and his friends down in Waterford are pounding the streets all day everyday ❤️
WakeThemUp everywhere you go ❤️
Well done to the 9 brave souls who got drenched in Carlow but still gave out 1800 leaflets.
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An almighty kick in the uniparties is on the way for the organised crime syndicate this March 8th...