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We are out and about in Dublin and surrounding Counties all the time. If you would like to get involved please visit https://www.wakeupeire.com/
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Forwarded from David P b.
Forwarded from David P b.
Hiding them or trying to.
Old Cabra road
Congratulations to all the parties coming together to have a better shot at getting some people elected. Unity or tyranny ❤️🇮🇪👏
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With regard to the new political party situation in Nationalist Ireland, my votes will go to the first candidate/party that talks about the ongoing excess deaths carnage caused by the wider covid 'vaccine' genocide.

Cross that bridge and I'll follow you over it.
Media is too big
OutSpoken: "Dr. Henry Ealy Explains 5G ‘Poisoning’, Solutions"

For more information join 👉👉👉https://t.me/+xI4UNDVig_45Mjc0
THE EMPIRE OF LIES loves to fuck up your Sunday lie in.🇮🇪
We will have 20k of these midweek. If you would like to hand some out we can get you some, or you can download yourself for home printing at the link below. https://www.wakeupeire.com/2024/07/02/post-c-19-injection-excess-death-information-leaflet/
Don't let faraway drama distract us from our own problems. Post C_19 injection Excess Deaths is the one hill they don't want us on. Here's a stack of info on Irish Excess-deaths to share with anyone who might be open to listening . https://www.wakeupeire.com/category/excess-deaths-ireland/
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Emergency protest being called for 6pm this evening at the old Crown Paints warehouse on the Malahide Road in Coolock.

🔗 facebook.com

👉🏻 join Late Stage Ireland
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Dr Gerard Waters Tuesday 16th at 7pm Eire X Spaces! = https://twitter.com/i/spaces/1YqGovevQaaKvv
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Coolock needs our help. Please make your way to Crown Paints Coolock. 🇮🇪Erin Go Bragh 🇮🇪