08/03/2022 WakeUpéiRe celebrate the resounding ‘NO’ in the Referendum

We knew from the second information drop that a resounding victory was there for the taking. We hit the streets hard 22 times in 29 days in 22 different Locations talking to the wonderful people of éiRe, who were for the most part telling us they have had enough of the 33rd Dáil. Despite the weather not playing ball at several of the information drops, WakeUpéiRe volunteers managed to deliver 51k leaflets into the hands of Irish men and women. We sent another 220k around the country to the general public who had expressed an interest in leafleting their area.

The Team That Made The Content

There was input from many individuals in the four leaflets we created. We thank the following people for their considerable effort on this project. Mark Anthony from bunꞃeᴀċꞇ nᴀ héıꞃeᴀnn 1937 for his thoughts and words on all things Irish constitution, Dierdre Browne for her ear whenever we ask and for her wonderful poem on the A6 flyer which has Edels idea on the front, Tom and his team who made the ‘DO YOU TRUST THE GOVERNMENT’ leaflet, the WakeUpéiRe Volunteers Katy, Philip, Mars, Jackie, MJ, Bridget, Declan, Dermot, Marion, Dee, Jimmy and Joseph who all have regular input into our content and Andrea who edited all the work. Last and by far not least to Cathriona who puts in the considerable hours needed to put all these ideas together on paper.

We have managed to collect 3/4s of our campaign costs, if you are in a position to help you can do so HERE . We thank you in advance.

We knew we had it in the bag

They are their mothers savage Daughters

We salute all the foot soldiers

The volunteers at WakeUpéiRe know how much commitment it takes to pass that piece of paper from your hand to a member of the public. We also know that in order for a good return the motion must happen many times. We thank everyone who joined us for their huge effort and we praise all the individuals who pounded their communities putting paper into letter boxes. For the first time in the ongoing struggle against the globalist agenda many different groups around éiRe ran excellent campaigns with the same goal. This is why we have this resounding victory and we hope this will be a continuing trend.

A Victory walk down Grafton’s street

Few Photos from the day

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