Nationalist Anti Corruption Independents

” Empowerment VS Disempowerment AND the Need for Full Accountability
The purpose of the current political and economic system is to grind you down, instil fear into you and lack of self-belief into you and disempower you. Their objective is to disempower you. And they lie to you and provide you with false promises and false hope so as to keep disempowering you. Political parties have disempowered you for many decades and will continue to do so if you vote for them. Political parties empower the elite, the globalists and the corrupt who oppress you, rob you, debt enslave you, over tax you, overcharge you, and impose many injustices on you. There is no accountability. They are imposing a ‘1984’ type system on societies. Only Independents representing the ordinary people and serving their interests can stop this, can empower you and build a totally new system”

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