05/03/2024 Report from Trinity college Information drop

We got a break from the harsh weather and had a great afternoon outside Trinity Collage In Dublin where 12 volunteers gave out almost 3k Leaflets to pedestrians. Many of the public stopped to engage with us and the overall voice of the people is a resounding “NO”. This has been the theme since the very first information drop of the campaign. I personally had a great conversation with a young man who was very staunch on all things Covid-19 and the Vaccine (I get this topic in wherever i can once the door opens). We shared our views and he was interested in knowing more about Pfizers Data and the Excess Deaths scandal that is currently happening all over the western world. He left with links to what may shatter his world view but, if it does he will survive and be a new man in a few months.

We thank Jan from ActionCovid1984 for recording the event

To follow our Campaign and get Leaflets to go Door to Door in your area or to help us with Campaign costs.

Jenny talks about some of the consequences to a yes vote

Edel breaks through some of the propaganda

WakeUpéiRe volunteer Robert makes a strong appeal for a No Vote

Rory Brian makes a plea to the Men of éiRe to honour their women

Its a resounding “NO” from the streets

Few Photos from the day

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