Elderly homeless man sleeping in a doorway was batoned by the riot squad

This is the leave of respect the State has for the most disadvantaged in our society, This is not about race, colour or creed it is about an international globalist elite taking what they want and to hell with you and your family. And theys Storm-Troopers will want us to cry for them when the People of Ireland cant/wont pay their medical bills and/or pensions


If the Riot Squad was making the stores available, of course the most disadvantaged in the City took what they could, the videos I saw looked no different to me than what goes on in An Dáil it just wasn’t dressed up in “Newspeak” and an arts degree, The social environment that lead to the tradigey of the day is a Government failing, The handling of the fall out is a Government failing, and the economical environment that lead to the looting is a Government failing… funny how when you succeed despite Government involvement you owe them a Kings ransom, however when the world crumbles around us all, the Government only blames the most disadvantaged in our communities, and try make new Laws to further our pain and suffering, Not that that the people who make up the branches of power personally benefit from the pain, suffering and death of Us all or anything like that… its because we are uncivilised and more Laws will fix that… Leave your thoughts in the comments below we the People of Ireland need to talk about this openly, freely and securely while we still have that ability…

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