15/02/2024 Report from Ballybrack Information Drop

A great afternoon was had at Ballybrack shopping centre where in a very quiet location, we managed to get 2000 Leaflets distributed, courtesy of a few caring locals who joined us and defiantly stood at the entrance to Tescos. Several of the local shop owners who agreed with our stance asked for some leaflets to leave on their counter tops.

We left 12k Leaflets with the Locals in the area who will distribute them with their own leaflets over the coming weeks. There is a great group of men and women in Ballybrack who are determined to push back against the blatant injustices being inflicted on the Irish people. We would like to thank Ferg and Laurie for the invite, we look forward to another visit to Ballybrack before the end of this campaign as we spotted a very busy road Junction that would be ideal for a big information drop.

To follow our Campaign and get Leaflets to go Door to Door in your area or to help us with Campaign costs.

There is still time to get 500 Leaflets

Some Photos from day

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