No Words Needed: WakeUpéiRe outside Pfizer European Headquarters in Dublin 15/01/2024

WakeUpéiRe volunteers have been supporting the vaccine injured almost every Monday outside Pfizer HQ since September 2022. We have witnessed first hand, the change in public mood in all things Covid 19 vaccine related. We are delighted to report that the vast majority of the locals in the area now come up to us and say “they know the vaccine was not what they were told it is” . Many of them have thanked us for our persistence as they all thought we were those pesky “ANTI VAXXERS” when we began but now they are witnessing real Sickness and Death amongst their own family and friends. This is now the horrifying reality in all towns and villages all over éiRe yet “OFFICAL IRELAND” still promotes this medical intervention as “SAFE AND EFFECTIVE” with rigorous enthusiasm ?

We would like to thank Cathriona, Jackie, Darren, Eithne, Sarah, Fintan who have all been injured by the Covid 19 vaccine and now take part in different areas of our Campaigns. To Martin, who lost his young daughter, Eva to Pfizer, to Dave Noonan who lost his sister, Lorna to AstraZeneca and his uncle George to Midazolam, to Jackie Hannon who lost his wife Geraldine to Pfizer, to Sharon Brown who lost her Mum Toni to Pfizer, to John Mullen who lost his brother, Enda to Pfizer and all the other grieving partners who asked not be named, we thank you for your bravery to participate at our events and for your permission to put an image of your loved one on a board. We hope it gives you some relief to see, we are giving it our all to highlight this issue. To the ever increasing number of people out there, that are now approaching us every time we hold an information drop, to tell us of the negative consequences of the medical trial and how they feel they were coerced into it from the constant media bombardment, we would like to reassure you that the dam is starting to crack as the Covid vaccine lie jar finally fills up. In éiRe, justice can be served on those responsible but the desire for this justice must first come from those that didn’t take it.

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