WakeUpéiRe are opposing the 39th and 40th Amendments

Up until the the 8th of March WakeUpéiRe are hitting the streets hard to defend Article 41. We have created 4 Flyers, Some Stickers and Some Message Board Ideas covering different aspects of the proposed changes. They are all in PDF for home printing but there are Several Ways You Can Get Some of ours. We will be covering Many Places In Dublin as well as several other counties all over éiRe. We hope you might come along and join us as we defend the ‘Natural Family Unit’ the ‘Woman’ and ‘Motherhood’

Locations For Our Information Drops.

Co. Louth 17/02/2024

Co. Mayo 24/02/2024

Drogheda 29/02/2024

Our Other Campaign Locations

Excess Deaths information drop

On 1 December 2023, WakeUpéiRe held an information drop throughout Dublin City to highlight the staggering increase in Excess Deaths since the Covid 19 vaccine rollout. We handed out 10k leaflets on Excess Deaths and Pfizer’s Own Safety Data which clearly proves that Pfizer were well aware, since February 2021, that their Covid 19 vaccine was causing fatalities . We also delivered a letter to the Minister of Health’s Office, calling for an immediate halt to the Covid 19 vaccine program until such time as an independent inquiry can definitively rule out any connection between the vaccine and these Excess Deaths .

We also heard some brilliant heartfelt speeches, on the day, from ordinary Irish Men and Women, who are both well-researched and very alarmed that this vital, life-saving information is being withheld from the general public.

WakeUpéiRe Volunteer Marion Talks about Shocking in the Public Domain Information About the Covid 19 Vaccine

5 thoughts on “WakeUpéiRe are opposing the 39th and 40th Amendments

  1. I was having a coffee in Toronto and was served by your son, Josh. Fine young man. He is very proud of your work and was raving about your website. I am extremely impressed with your depth of understanding and obsessive organization of the task at hand. We must all keep fighting until the Zio-Marxist entity is destroyed. I’ll be sharing your website with others in Canada. FYI, I’m of Greek descent (parents came to Canada in 1953) and my son’s mother is from Cape Breton. She’s an O’Quinn; mostly Irish and Scottish, with some French and Norwegian, and based on DNA, .3% “Aboriginal” (but not enough to exempt her from being raped by the taxman). May God protect you and your comrades as you blow your flutes to rid Ireland of traitorous rats.

    1. Thank you James and thank you again for making me proud by telling me that Josh talks about our work. He is a fine young man who like most of his generation, they do not burden themselves with the workings of the world. We are only the Lighthouse until the youth see what type of world they are building for them. Its so unbelievable we couldn’t get them to believe but it is all changing now. There is only so many lies that can be put in the lie jar and the lie jar is now overflowing in éiRe. People are finally waking up to the traitorous government on different aspects but the Covid Vaccine crime against humanity is still the hurdle most cant get over. We are concentrating on the upcoming referendum right now but we have been the most vocal group on all things Covid Vaccine in éiRe and we will not be staying silent on this issue. We all know the piece of shite Trudeau really is and when the world really wakes up to these parasites we will remove them for this realm FOREVER.
      You can me get on barry@wakeupeire.com.

  2. I’ve been trying for four days to order leaflets for Galway but your website won’t click on for some reason,I’ve tried on another phone to no avail.can someone contact me please.

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