TAVISTOCK: The Hidden Social Engineering Machine

Without Tavistock, there would have been no Bolshevik Revolution no WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Serbia and Iraq wars, there would have been no 1960s youth “revolution” no “British” invasion. And no Football stadiums, Mtv, Ozzy Osborne or World Touring Taylor swift. But for Tavistock, The United States and by extension the World would not be rushing down the road to dissolution disease and collapse if we were never exposed to the social influence of distractions set up to lead Us, our Children & Grandchildren all a stray we would not even consider a One World Order with you and your family used as the its fuel to empower the megalomaniacs to attempt to enslave us all.

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TARTARIA Explained

I know you may be hesitant to watch this Tartaria Explained because of the subject, but it is crucial in understanding our messed-up past and future.

We go over the strange history of waste management and the palaces of the 18th century with all these wealthy aristocrats basically just shitting all over their beautiful creations. Not only that they were a bunch of Luciferians that got off on some weird stuff no joke(sade), these were the people who built these structures? And they are trying their best to build it back, Only Better???

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In recent years, new cars are being equipped with advanced technology that allows for remote control by Government Authorities. This intrusive feature is designed to enhance public safety and security? The vehicles are installed with geo-fencing capabilities, a system that uses GPS or RFID to define geographical boundaries. Once a vehicle enters or exits the defined area, “authorized personnel” can remotely control the vehicle’s functions. This technology is intended to prevent (unauthorized) use of a vehicles, and to ensure that they are utilized within designated zones, times and distance. It’s a significant step towards fascist governance and surveillance. As the WEF would say “promoting accountability and efficiency in vehicle usage” Your Car?.

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