WakeUpéiRe: Family and Care Referendum Awareness Campaign.

Check in here to see where we will be until the 8th of March as we oppose the 39th and 40th Amendments. You can view the Resources we are using for this campaign which are all in PDF for home printing. Are you interested in raising awareness in your neighbourhood? We can supply you with 500 Leaflets And 50 Stickers To Go Door To Door . If you can Help Towards The Cost Of Our Campaign we would really appreciate it.


3 thoughts on “WakeUpéiRe: Family and Care Referendum Awareness Campaign.

  1. I feel very sillyiv go a lagging samsung,didn’t scroll down to see where the leaflet drop where,iwill gladly do drop in dundalk.i do not own a copy of an bunreacht na heireann. Iwould love one to answer questions thoroughly the sleeping or ignorant have,iwud gladly post a letter of rebuttal to president Higgins.stating it is a deceiving, law they are trying to impose,it is not what it says on the tin,and will just eradicate us as an idiginous irish race.

    1. Lorraine, I’m Tracy O’Hanlon – I know Barry and Catriona, Barry sent some leaflets to my mams in Dundalk Castletown rd you can grab them from my mams straightaway, I’ll get more – would you do a Info with placards at the square with me I could get the placards ? Email me, I don’t wanna put my number on here x

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