About Us

We Are Your Fathers, Your Mothers, Your Brothers, Your Sisters, Your Friends And Your Neighbours. We Are Here Because We Care.

We came together in May 2020, when we realised that the Irish Government and the Main Stream Media were no longer hiding the fact that they are NOT serving the Irish people.
Our mission is, simply, to raise awareness of important issues that we feel are not being truthfully covered. We do this by collecting provable facts that are being withheld, making some content, and hitting the streets to hand it out.

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We are all volunteers with different backgrounds who come together to hold information drops. We are not political; we do not promote individuals and we do not claim to have all the solutions. We work extremely hard to share the knowledge we have, and can only try and alert people to the dangers we all currently face. It’s up to the people to take appropriate action themselves.

A five minute look at our 2023 Summer. Thank you for the enormous effort from all the volunteers.

Since May 2022, we have held over 200 information drops in over 90 locations in Dublin and surrounding counties. To date, we have produced and distributed over 725k of our own flyers and 80k stickers covering: Pfizer’s own data , the Perils of a Cashless Society, CBDCs, Free Speech, the Sex Education Curriculum, Excess Deaths and several leaflets opposing the Family and Care Referendums . We have also distributed over 50k flyers that were produced by other concerned groups around the Country.