Irish woman Challenges Minister Roderick 0’Gormon in the high court.

Courageous Irish woman Bridget Whelan takes things into her own hands about the undemocratic concealing of the minutes of sixteen meetings where, the consequences of a yes or no vote were discussed. As well as taking part in dozens of information drops with WakeUpéiRe where, she has handed out Thousands of Leaflets, Bridget spearheaded a project to distribute 44k Leaflets about the sexualisation of our children. No matter what the outcome of Bridget’s efforts are in this mammoth task, she has always shown what one person who cares enough can do with almost no resources. We wish her all the best as she continues to shine her light in the darkest of places.

Bridget Tuesday 05 March

Wednesday 06 March

Thursday 07 March

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