Governments and telecom companies around the world are pushing forward with the rollout of 5g technology adding to our current technology, even though it comes with greater health risks, excessive financial costs, complete invasion of privacy and the ability to be utilised as a sophisticated weapons system.

They Are Everywhere

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5G. Effects on our health

Substantial evidence and studies exist to prove that 5G millimetre waves are dangerous to humans and our environment. Those most at risk include the unborn, children the infirm, the elderly and people with disabilities. Living near phone masts causes headaches, memory problems, dizziness, depression, and sleep problems as well as life threatening cancers, yet Governments are still prepared to install small cell towers and wireless facilities everywhere. Watch some presentations HERE


How to protect yourself

Some helpful tips on how to protect yourself from 5G Millimetre waves. Watch some presentations HERE

5G. The control grid

Without 5G the globalist dream of a human race connected to the Internet Of Things is impossible to achieve. Watch some Presentations HERE

5G. The Covid 19 connection

Many Doctors, Scientists and researchers around the world have come to the conclusion that there is a provable connection between Covid 19 and the rollout of 5G. Watch some Presentations HERE

5G. Weapons Systems

Weapons experts are now speaking out about the ability of 5G to be used as a high frequency weapons system. Watch some Presentations HERE