WakeUpéiRe volunteer Cathy gets refused entry to the department of health to deliver our demands

Members of the European Parliament recently revealed that many governments did not follow the authorised use of covid19 experimental vaccines laid down by the European Medicines Agency (EMA). This is maladministration of the most serious kind. WakeupeRie delivered a Notice to Stephen Donnelly demanding answers to (1) why he had gone AGAINST the advice of the EMA, (2) why he lied to the People about the Intended Use of coronavirus vaccines; (3) why we were Misinformed and Denied Informed Consent, (4) why he failed the People by Mislabelling Side Effects and Putting People’s Lives and Health at Risk, (5) why he ignored the Alarming High Excess All-Cause Mortality Rates, and (6) why he continues to Endanger/Misinform the People with his Present Vaccination Campaign. We are calling for the vaccination campaigns to be stopped until we get the answers to these serious questions. It is not safe and it does not meet the requirements set down by the EMA.

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