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The volunteers at WakeUPéiRe need your help and support. If you are in a position to GET INVOLVED in any way great or small please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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  • We feel strongly that the Globalist world view is not the only world view acceptable in civilised society,
  • We believe that a Nationalist perspective has been demonised to a point where the consolidated “Internationalist” power of Nations has been directed in on its self and the very People who empower the “system” are now being used, abused and discarded with not regard for Humanity and total disregard for YOU, Your Family and your friends all in the name of some unobtainable “Grater Good” where you pay for private jets but never EVER having a chance of leaving your town.
  • We believe that you are capable of being a responsible adult if you are allowed and encouraged to obtain, review and discuss ALL information, data and ideas openly, securely and freely among your Country-Men and Women.

Do you agree or disagree let us know at:

The Mainstream Media has repeatedly failed the populous of Ireland. In fact we have been F****D under the bus and buried alive under an avalanche of failings by the institutions we trusted to maintain not just the standard of living but the quality of life for our children, What do you think? We think éiRe needs you.


WakeUpéiRe T-Shirt

Show your support for the wakeupeire team and the People of éiRe by wearing this high quality T-shirt to your next family gathering and get the conversation going.

Show your support for the wakeupeire team and the People of éiRe by wearing this high quality T-shirt to your next family gathering and get the conversaytion going.

9 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Dear Wake up Eire,
    I’m looking to get flyers sent out to me could you please assist thanks

  2. Dear wake up eire I am looking to get leaflets done for the elections as I am going as an independent for dublin North Central if you could reply to me by email that would be great

  3. Hello, my name is Aisling O’Rourke from Galway City.

    May God Bless your works. Please tell me if you have canvassing signs to order. The city is polluted with yes signs. We have our leaflets ordered.

    Hope to hear from you soon, Aisling

    1. Hi Aisling the PDFs for the boards we are using are here they are 2x2foot on corriboard. You can give them to your local printer. We would order you some from our printer if you wish but he is based in Dublin and time is not on your side to get them to you. If you want some signs in the future send me a mail to and if we have the time we will help you with design etc. We are flat out with the Campaign right now so i cant be more helpful.

  4. Dear Wake-up Eire
    You will understand I am very concerned about this referendum and unknowingly to the Irish public how they are cornering us without proper correct information of O’Gorman’s plans once the votes go through either way. Attached is something of importance which I feel must be read, and can we not get a petition going to Stop this referendum as it an absolute hoax.
    I don’t know if you have seen what Michael Mc Dowell has written regarding O’Gormans Cover-up of the notes & minutes of the meetings held regarding the End results of what they are “really” going to change after the public makes their votes.
    I have added Mr.Mc Dowells link please read and if we could get a petition to stop this referendum until the Irish People actually SEE in full what “they” are about to change after votes are in.

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