Jackie’s journey to get justice

In April 2021 Jackie suffered a severe reaction very soon after the 2nd dose of the Pfizer vaccine. Her breathing became extremely laboured, and she was suffering from chronic fatigue. Jackie made several visits to her GP during the next few months where she consistently expressed her concern that it was the covid vaccine that caused the rapid deterioration in her health. In October 2021 Jackie’s legs had swollen so badly that she admitted herself to St James hospital, where they kept her in overnight to monitor her condition. After several tests, Jackie was told by a doctor in James’s hospital that she had suffered a mild form of heart failure, and she would need an echo scan on her heart. Shamefully she was told she would have to wait 3 months minimum before an appointment was available. Jackie took things into her own hands and went private with St James hospital for the echo scan. After several months and dozens of e-mails and phone calls to both St James hospital and her own GP, seeking her test results Jackie received a worrying e-mail from St James private hospital, stating that she had all clear.

In April 2023 Jackie’s health was still deteriorating when she developed a cough, which led to the passing of blood and even more severe shortness of breath. Jackie once again admitted herself to St James hospital, where she was kept in overnight and given oxygen. She received an appointment for a lung function test on the 9th of June 2023, which she attended but to this day Jackie has never received the results of this test.

Jackie speaks for the first time in public at a Vigil for the for the Vaccine Injured.

In December 2023 Jackie once again presented herself to St James hospital with her breathing so laboured her hands and facial area had turned blue (Cyanosis). Again, Jackie was kept in overnight and given oxygen. Jackie was informed by the doctors that her original heart echo scan, which she received late 2021 could not be located. During her stay a doctor came into Jackie’s room to inform her about how to manage her COPD. Jackie informed the Dr that she has never been diagnosed with COPD, to which the doctor left the room red faced and flustered. At the time of writing, Jackie is still waiting for a second lung function test, and she has been referred to a COPD clinic. She is also now on a daily regime of steroids.

Jackie and David Egan go to the police to attempt to open a criminal case

Recording of Dave making his case

Like many of the covid vaccine injured, Jackie claims she cannot get the help she needs. She feels the fact she expressed her concerns about the covid vaccine being the root cause of the rapid decline in her health has cut her off from her GP, who now won’t see her in person, and she only writes prescriptions for Jackie to pick up if she makes complaints about her health. This is the horrifying reality right now for many people who approach their own doctor, with legitimate questions concerning the decline in their health after receiving the Covid-19 vaccine. My own doctor will no longer see me because I brought the Pfizer Safety Data to her office in June 2022 and asked questions about the fact it contained an admittance from Pfizer themselves, that they and all other relevant bodies knew since February 2021, that not only was there a huge list of adverse reactions, many of which are catastrophic to humans but their vaccine had already caused over 1200 fatalities.

Jackie at work stabling flyers for an information drop

Jackie is a valued and much-loved member of WakeUpéiRe, she has a fantastic sense of humour. She has taken part in dozens of information drops where she has helped distribute 96k of our Pfizer Safety Data Leaflets, alerting the general public to its shocking contents. The politicians and mainstream media refuse to investigate, even though since May 2022 WakeUpéiRe have repeatedly informed them of its existence.

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