Have you ever wondered why everybody is so tired, Even before C19/Shots so many where rundown, Drained or sick? Maybe you have noticed the rise in learning difficulties, Alzheimer’s and intestinal issues or perhaps you have pondered how difficult life was in years gone by and wondered how they just kept going day after day… This 15 part documentary might explain just how intense the assault on you/our wellbeing truly is. “A Poisoned World” is many years old, but its information is primary, fundamental and necessary to understand. If by the end of this documentary you are not able to comprehend that the Governments of this World are not working for you, with your communities best interest or due regard at all, than we thank you for the visit but maybe this is more your style… Click Here

If your still with us… all Joking aside, We need to remove as much of the chemical concoction from our bodies and environment as we can before we will see a true ability for the People of any Nation to defeat the powers that shouldn’t be. When we are of our true selves, healthy cognitive and physical abilities, where would the Psychopaths get their power from?

1. Trailer
2. Big Pharma the FDA
3. Codex Alimentarius
4. Aspartame (Artificial Sweetener)
5. Aspartame the Hidden Poison
6. Fluoride
7. The Fluoride Deception (Pt A)
8. The Fluoride Deception (Pt B)
9. ChemTrails
10. Chemtrails & Morgellons Disease
11. ChemTrail AirCraft UP CLOSE Spray
12. What in the World are They Spraying
13. Ex Govt Employee (CIA Insider)
14. Global Chemtrail Secrets Revealed
15. HAARP / 5G & ChemTrails

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