Fine Gael Election Interference (Sligo)

Rob DeSalle

Rob is the host of The Razors Edge, a Live podcast show on Telegram and X visit to learn more.

He is also a candidate in the upcoming local elections, he is raising some very concerning issues as far as democracy is concerned. If the political elite’s manipulate every aspect of our lives resistance will still find away, they seam to have forgotten we are the Irish, its not a location, a hair colour, where you shop or the amount of melanin you poses being Irish is the mindset necessary to defeat tyranny and Rob is very much Irish.

Councillor Thomas Walsh 

Here we have the man himself Mr Thomas Walsh, found in his natural environment, A diesel powered climate controlled German car at your expence of course true to form for Fine Gael. He is seen here coming out of the hotel housing our guests after helping the hotel to register them to vote in the governing of our community.

His facebook page states he cares about the community… It does not state he cares about your community. All his public profile tells me is he cares about his environment not THE environment.

More diesel engines you can’t buy, brought to you by Fine Gael Cllr Thomas Walsh vehicle bought and paid for at your expense but its not for you.

It’s far more important that guests to our land have a say in the running of our community’s. Far more important than if you can get to work or your children have a home, a job or food, a decent way of life with dignity and respect? fuck you we have “international obligations” that’s what I am taking from this election cycle. how about you?

If we can not turn the traitorous wave what is next? bare in mind “YOU’LL NEVER BEAT THE IRISH”

This is Cllr Thomas Walsh from Sligo-Leitrim, he is joined in the above picture with Maria Walsh MEP (you can find her here assaulting a lady then 40 seconds later asking for her support) True FINE GAEL.

This is Cllr Walch and Fine Gael’s “s’Election Team” you might notice a gray heard old man just above Thomas’s head I could be wrong here but is he the man driving the van in the above video? leave a comment below and tell us what you see.

So what do you think? Is Rob just over reacting or is there an active attempt to openly subvert the will of the Irish People? Why should everybody involved in this activity not be hung? Leave your thoughts and comments in the comments below, If the Citizens cannot act the Peoples will. Lets have a Conversation about our Nation… before the inevitable happens to thoughts who display contempt to the Peoples of all Nation.

Contact Thomas at 086 102 5285 or email (who uses Yahoo?)

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