Fine Gael Taoiseach, Justice Minister, MEP and Cllr are terrified of one Cristian family in Mayo.


Enoch Burke Has Been In Prison For Over A Year Now As an Illegal, Unelected, “Taoiseach” Mr Simon Harris strip-mines our Nation, our youth and our resources then runs away from Enochs questions and the People of Mayo:

Freedom of Expression is paramount to a free, open and just society. Regardless of whether you agree with the methods and or beliefs of the Burke Family or not (Article 41), it is important to hear what they have to say. I’m not one for religious preferences, who, what or if you worship at all is not my concern, the Constitution belongs to us it does not apply to us. We must unite on, with respect for our differences not despite them, to come together to defeat the entities who have done nothing for 120+ years but turn us against each other and make criminals of mostly good men, women and children who have the love of humanity in their hearts they don’t want too hate they just want to pay their way in life. A charge ever greater, A way ever more narrow and a life less lived.

On Wednesday June 5th 2024 Fine Gael held “A Private Meeting” in a public coffee shop? located in the (For now) picturesque town of Castlebar in support of incumbent local candidate Cllr Ger Deere. When the Fine Gael Company hit the streets to “meet the people” or more accurately to stage their next marketing appearance. The wonderful People of Castlebar and The Burke Family had a few questions for Mr Harris and Hell-in Mcentee about Corruption, Theft and Scumbaggery that will no longer be tolerated by the People of Ireland, as you can see unelected Simple Simon Harris and heir to the throne Hell-In Mcentee even with the assistance of a Garda security detail (at your expense of course) couldn’t find a way out fast enough. A heart warming sight to see and one we hope we see a lot more of… I don’t think RTÉ got their sound bite in front of the spikes in the town square. Good work for a day.

Unfortunately @ 1 min and 32 seconds we witness something we’d like to see a lot less of, Maria Walsh MEP inciting violence by assaulting a member of the public and continue to ask the victim for political support, This is Official Ireland in a nutshell. Fine Gael, Fine Fall, The Greens, PBP ect they are Criminal & Delude and they claim to represent YOU on an international stage… is there nothing more terrifying?

How can a multimillion billion €uro Governmental Political Party hold a political meeting in a public place and claim Private Status?

How long will the People let the Fascist Corporate puppets just scurry away in to the shadows of OUR climate controlled German cars?

Will you fall for the bait and switch, not if but when the State try too incite/exercise violence on your friends, family and/or neighbours?

Do you know anybody who is/will or did vote for Cllr Ger Deere or any Party incumbents at all?

Leave your thoughts in the comments below and lets have A Conversation About Our Nation.

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