Bursting Bubbles Of Government Deception: Video By Robert Menard (Official)

This Man (Robert Menard) Changed the course of my life. On 24th Jan 2012 “Bursting Bubbles of Government Deception” was presented by the World Freeman Society with Robert Arthur Menard. Providing Canadians with valid information regarding Government procedures and your rights by law. Join in the discussion below in our comments.

Rob teaches you and even encourages you to do your own research. He doesn’t give “advice”, he shows you that you’ve been deceived and didn’t even know it. If you simply follow someone else’s example, you haven’t really learned, but you’ve got enough info to make mistakes. The bad part is: the govt doesn’t want to answer your questions, but they sure take action against you when you screw up. You should look up the words “due diligence”

Pseudolaw is a collection of legal-sounding but false rules or “Acts just like in a Show or Play” that purport to be Law (Land, Air & Water). Pseudolaw has collectively emerged in different countries and communities on multiple occasions. Despite that, modern pseudolaw world-wide is remarkably similar, despite that pseudolaw host populations have extremely different political, cultural, and historical profiles. What is common among groups that endorse pseudolaw is: 1) a Government Tittle 2) Institutional Pay and orientation. 3) a One World perspective. and 4) Fancy Dress.

Modern pseudolaw has spread, starting from the US population, and then infected a succession of other communities via UN & IMF This progression was facilitated by key individuals and can be tracked, host group to host group.

Modern pseudolaw was introduced into éiRE by, Éamon de Valera, He reframed its concepts to better suit a Democratic Republic rather than sub-Saharan nation context. UN/IMF pseudolaw variation spread into several Westren communities with very different social objectives. The leftist anti-Peoples then seeded pseudolaw into the UK, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and several Asian countries. Some of the resulting groups were stillborn, but in éiRe pseudolaw has thrived, but principally as mechanism to attack the People of éiRe via debt collection, Rights infringement and theft, Id rather challenge government authority than sell my Children Nation from under their feet.

No Government has the authority to give away or sell the People or the Nation, A Government is a custodian not an owner even You the Body, Mother, Father, Human, voters do not have the abillity to give something away that is NOT belonging to them, their just minding it. If the Powers that be have some arrangement with somebody for something I suggest they track that body down because we are not falling for the lies.