Minister McGrath travels to (Davos) World Economic Forum for series of political and business engagements

Michael McGrath “Minister for Finance” has today (Tuesday 17 January 2024) travelled from Brussels to Davos, Switzerland at your expense (Government Jet that Fianna Fáil ordered at an estimated cost of 50 million euros, plus the cost of training crews). or did he pay personally to attend, Either way he believes it’s worth it for the 2024 Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum (WEF) a very secretive private, independent globalist organisation funded by a group of Technocratic Megalomaniacs . The theme of this year’s meeting is Building Trust with four pillars, including International Security; Growth and Jobs; Emerging Technology; and Climate & Nature. How is this not treason not just on Michael but on behalf of our Politcal mono-system as a whole?

Are we to believe emissions are so dangerous that we must cut our ability to produce food locally in favour of flying jets around the world? For a Chat? I don’t understand.

Michael McGrath

House: 33rd Dáil (2020 – )

Constituency: Cork South-Central

Party: Fianna Fáil

Official roles: Minister for Finance

Constituency address(es): Main St, Carrigaline, Co. Cork

Member contact details:

  • (021) 437 6699
  • (01) 618 3801

Member’s Website | Facebook | Twitter

Throughout his engagements, Minister McGrath will emphasise distinctive strengths as a leading location for international business and investment, and our commitment to an economic development model based on open, free, competitive and “rules-based” international trading.

As part of his programme, Minister McGrath will participate in a high-level panel on the Future for the European Green Deal alongside the Executive Director at the International Energy Agency, Fatih Birol, and Executive Vice-President for European Green Deal in the European Commission, Maros Šefčovič.

I didn’t see on the News that such high leave meeting where taking place and I haven’t heard/read the minutes of them meetings or who he actually attended them meetings with, or their outcomes.

In addition, he will have a wide range of political and business-related meetings with other Forum participants as well as a number of interviews with international media. Minister McGrath will also co-host the annual IDA Ireland event for senior executives of major international companies.

Speaking ahead of his visit, Mr MGrath said:

“I look forward to returning to Davos this week and engaging with a range of key international actors including senior executives and a number of my international counterparts. This Forum provides an excellent opportunity to promote our economic interests and discuss Ireland’s, and indeed the world’s, transformative trends in areas such as demography, decarbonisation, digitalisation and de-globalisation.

Mr Michael McGrath, Cork South-Central, Jan 2024.

This Man works for You and You have paid him handsomely for the privilege of representation at home and abroad why not give him a friendly message asking him how he got on representing and negotiating on Your behalf… Do you even agree with the premiums of his position? Co. Cork WEF Member contact details: (021) 437 6699 (01) 618 3801 Member’s Website | Facebook | Twitter

Who does this Man actually work for? Why are we paying generationally for his and others like him lifestyle,?

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