Horse-meat mislabeled as beef. Honey diluted with cheap sugar syrups. Counterfeit extra-virgin olive oil. Food crime has become a multi-billion dollar industry, impacting everything from the most affordable to the most expensive ingredients.

Approximately 10% of our consumed food is believed to be adulterated. “What we know for sure is that food fraud is growing exponentially & it’s more and more worrying,” states one consumer advocate. Criminal syndicates have infiltrated the global food supply chain, eroding consumer trust in labels & the contents of their plates. In Italy, the mafia controls entire sectors of the food industry, while worldwide, well-organized criminal networks collaborate to exploit intricate supply chains.

Scams vary from intentionally mislabelling inferior products as premium items to substituting one foodstuff for something entirely different. The profits are staggering. But what risks does this pose to consumers? How can we detect food fraud? And what measures can be taken to halt it? In this investigation, we shadow the food fraud brigades, shedding light on the limited knowledge we have about what we’re consuming. From the olive groves of Italy to the fish markets of France & the abattoirs of Poland, this film takes you on a culinary journey of a distinct kind. It’s a global exploration into the realm of counterfeit food, revealing the hidden complexities of this industry. — Benedicte Delfaut

Please know that this video does not even cover the introduction of GRAPHENE OXIDE into most foods nowadays. It also does not cover Genetically Modified Organisms and their dangers to all living life on earth. The FDA & USDA have been taken over by the ZIONIST GLOBALIST COMMUNIST SATANIC CABAL so they are helping to kill us, they are not trying to protect us.

The ZIONIST GLOBALIST COMMUNIST SATANIC CABAL have plans to bring forth Agenda 21, Agenda 2030, and the New World Order Agenda. They plan on taking total control of all food on earth, and starve people into submission. They also plan on lowering the earth’s population from about 8 billion currently down to 500 million through sterilization, mRNA vaxx deaths, and starvation. This will not be done quickly, this is a fight for the generations in every meaning of the term.

They are pushing fake Climate Change, 6uild 6ack 6etter, and the Green Agenda. They want your Son to cut himself up and your daughters to go and build the world not her family. They want non-Zionist humans eating bugs, not meat or fish. Your best chance at survival, or at least a higher quality of life away from the 15 minute ghettos & FEMA Prison Camps Homeless Shelters is to get yourself relocated out into the countryside while you still have a chance to do so. Build a community of and with like-minded neighbours and try to ride out the 150 year storm in that manner. Grow a large garden, orchard & vineyard and raise livestock, fowl, waterfowl & fish for meat, eggs, milk & cheese. Dia Leat

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