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If you are unlucky enough to be in possession of a account you can check/register on your MyGov Profile, Check the register and register online are available above, do not recommend you enter your personal information such as full name, Date of Birth, PPSN, ect on any system connected to the internet or over a “secure connection” the internet was never intended to function that way and dosent. However we leave that decision up to you. We have also included Downloadable and printable forms , you can return them personally or via Post to your local authority.

We understand people are disenfranchised

We understand people are disenfranchised by the “MONOPOLE” political system as it stands today. We believe there are still options.

In a Constitutional Referendum we should all take part and have our say, no matter how small we think our voice might be. Remember it is an Anonymous Vote It may well be the last Anonymous Vote we ever cast. There are enormous dangers associated with Personal Public Voting especially when confronted by a Foreign Tyrannical Empire such as the Technocratic Internationalist Classes we face here in éiRe, we are fast approaching a point of no return, our currency is already fiat? soon it wont even be that.

Our Representative Democracy seems pretty messed up, we can “choose” from Kang or Kodos but maybe there is another option? Skew the vote? or in legal terms Jury Nullification

Put simply: If you don’t vote or are not registered to vote, your vote automatically goes to the incumbent Party. Frankly that might be the worst possible option.

Then: If you are registered to Vote and do actually vote, it is arranged by preference (1-2-3-4-???) with fall over from candidates to more “favourable” preferences… At first glance it looks good but on closer inspection this is a system geared and coded against us, that’s why we have had one hundred years of a two Party Power Sharing system. Maybe if you really know (Family member, Friend) and agree with your local independent candidates give them 1, 2, 3 but if you are just picking the best of a bad bunch for the sake of taking part maybe it would be wise to skew your vote…

Technically you still voted (Anonymously) so your vote was cast and as such should not be auto cast in favour of any Person or Party and if you vote NO in every box instead of 1, 2, 3.. it can not be counted, this tactic is not suitable for a Constitutional Referendum but it might be an interesting General Election if very few actual Peoples approve of the very premise of the system, Leave a comment below we would love to hear your thoughts on this one.

We can not stress enough this is NOT suitable for Referendums, Referendums are keystone to a Democracy, Representatives appear Democrazy…

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