This production was Rik Mayall’s last major UK feature film. 

When the men behind the curtain run out of enemies, you’re next…

A cafe worker is violently jolted from her day-to-day existence when offered the startling revelation that this world may be on the brink of destruction, revolution, or both.

Director: Diane Jessie Miller

Writer: Diane Jessie Miller

Director: Rik Mayall, Heather Wilson, Duncan Wigman, Sean Meyer, Katrina Nare, Steve Macaulay

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A Scanner Darkly (2006)

A Scanner Darkly stars Keanu Reeves (Constantine, The Matrix trilogy), Academy Award-nominee and Golden Globe-winner Winona Ryder (Girl, Interrupted), Academy Award and Emmy-nominee and Golden Globe-winner Robert Downey Jr. (Good Night, And Good Luck, Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang), and Academy Award and Golden Globe-nominee and Emmy-winner Woody Harrelson (North Country).

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Logan’s Run (1976)

Our hero is Logan, played by Michael York with a certain intelligence. He’s a “sandman,” assigned to intercept “runners” who attempt to escape their society. Most people start to run just as they’re approaching their 30th birthdays – Logan’s world is just like ours. One day, after being double-crossed by the computer-mind of the city, Logan runs, too. And the beautiful Jessica (Jenny Agutter) runs with him. 

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THX-1138 Original Cut (1971)

In the 25th century, humans exist in a computer-controlled subterranean world where emotions are outlawed, mind-numbing drugs are mandated and no one has a name, only an alphanumeric designation. But one man, THX 1138 (Duvall), secretly resists his drug regimen and commits the cardinal crime against the state–he experiences love

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