Second Beast Rising (22 episodes):

1. The Hour of Crisis, the Hour of Redemption

2. European Dis-union

3. The Antichrist Power Identified

4. The United States in Bible Prophecy

5. A New World Order

6. The Mark of the Beast, part 1

7. The Mark of the Beast, part 2

8. The Coming Economic Crisis

9. The Crackdown.

10. The Crackdown, continued…

11. Put Not your Trust In Princes

12. Constitutional Freedom 101

13. The Precedent Setting Phase

14. The Gender Agenda

15. The Assault on the Family

16. Cultural Collapse Disorder

17. AI-Robots, Natural Disasters, and Diseases

18. Division and Discord; Violence and Civil Unrest

19. Unborn Persons and the Case for Killing Granny

20. The Mark of the Beast, part 3

21. The Mark of the Beast, part 4

22. Come out of Babylon

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