Yungblud – Doctor Doctor (Lyrics Video)

This song was first uploaded to Youtube on the 7 Jul 2018,

Before you give me stick about the music of today and i’m just old. I actually like yungblud, His sound was that of the Artic Monkeys or Oasis, although there is an argument to be made that they where Tavistock Institute as well, all the way back to The Beatles… Maybe we are all Children of Travistock?

Doncaster singer-songwriter Yungblud headlined at the National Museum of Ireland, Collins Barracks on 23 AUG 2023. can you imagine the youth of éiRe singing along to this, if ever there was an example of psychic driving I think this is it. To be fair the track Doctor Doctor was not played on the day in Collins Barracks.

Yungblud looks, feels and sounds like classic Tavistock Institute, The Tavistock Institute was established as a not for profit organisation with charitable purpose in 1947. The Institute is engaged with evaluation and action research, organisational development and change consultancy, executive coaching and professional development, all in service of supporting sustainable change and ongoing learning. theres a lot of EU,UN, IMF buzz words in there.

There is “Hope for the Underrated Youth”

I suspect Dominic (AKA Yungblud) is a good fella he is on his own journey and I can a sure you, you do not want to trade places with him although he is getting an education many don’t live to tell the tale… we wish him well, once you know how the magic works you feel sorry for the stage hands.