This was put out by RTE in some attempt to discredit the People of Ireland in the eyes of the very People They/We (From éiRe) are trying to help… both Katie (from RTE) and Aoife (from the Institute for Strategic Dialogue are both legal fictions no soul to save or body to incarcerate) are happy to travel world wide in aid of furthering their Carrer while You and I (The People of Ireland) can’t imagine living anywhere else nor would we choose to do so… but If we get “Doxed” as Aoife says her colleagues were, we would not or could not leave this Island Nation behind…

The contempt oozing from theys Personality’s is despicable, while they look down on me and you they have no issues sending you or your granny to jail or to die alone, if you don’t cross their palm with silver, The State have always been and now apparently are still the greatest Threat to the Peoples of éiRe.

If a land is made up of its people and theses legal fictions believe they are the People then I would advise anybody looking to come to the kind, welcoming, friendly Country Ireland once was, to swing wide, not because of any raciest ideology but because some of our brothers and sisters refuse to stop playing pretend with their legal fictions, RTÉ, NGOs, Big Business and Bigger Global Government imposing a lower standard of living at the greatest expense ever. Its time to grow up…

One hundred years ago the People of éiRe incorporated the soil, the water, the forests, coal, turf, gas all the resources of the land, air and sea in to Ireland Inc. with a Board of directors to maintain the assets in the best interests of our children and future generations. That’s going well???

By the 1970s the Board had become so corrupt that beating and rapping children and covering up the body’s in waste management facilities (that’s what they think of us) was common place Nationwide. The collective trauma induced lead the Board to believe the EEC could only ever be a good thing,

So the Board then promised our children to the new European Overloads, Our friends and family where not rounded up and shipped out “Not this time” they choose to be exported emigrate around the world and with no sense of Irony they now say we need to repay the favour?

Anybody left on the shelf got a taste of the war on drugs, that was/is actually a war on you and your family because of the generational trauma they imposed on our Elders…

We the People of Ireland have been sacrificing ourselves and our children for century’s, now here we are been spoken down to as if we fell from the sky last night in the rain. while the institutions hoard our rewards, accidently over paying millions??? Wouldn’t it be nice.

We have been more than willing to make allowances and amendments for a decent Government of Representation to defend the Human Rights, protect the instruction of the Family and manage our economy and resources, We gave them everything from the Stars in the sky, the rolling hills to the Lava below our feet and everything in-between on the condition We are Sovereign Peoples, but over the last few years and after every single AGREED UPON Human Right have been repeatedly shit on, theyes pair of morons can’t even comprehend why “some” people “might” be “slightly” upset. its not like were facing any major issues as a Nation or anything. The legal tittles might be fiction but the pain, suffering and loss is very real.

Sicking Display of Contempt from this shower of bottom feeders, and they call us the deplorables?