Excess Deaths

Of all the issues that we are facing right now, this is the one that needs to be brought to the publics attention immediately. If we are not going to defend the premature removal of souls, we are no better than those who are responsible for removing them. It is blatantly obvious to anyone who does any research into this issue that Irish Taoiseach Leo Varadkar and Irish Minister of health Stephen Donnelly are lying about excess deaths. In the space of 6 months, Varadkar has gone from acknowledging that there are excess deaths to total denial of their existence, you can view video footage of these conflicting statements HERE. We have put together a flyer highlighting the huge increase in excess deaths while offering real evidence to back up our claim. They are A5 in size full colour, the chart presented was diligently created by several data analysts, who research both the General Register Office and RIP.ie for death notices on a daily basis. The PDF for the flyer is at the bottom of this page for you to download and distribute yourself.

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