The Cashless Push Back

It can be argued that it makes no difference if you use cash or card, buy online or in person. But under closer scrutiny we will see this is not true. Here are some reasons why CASH must stay

AUTONOMY: Cash ensures no outside parties can track or trace your personal purchases. All Your Transactions Are private.

FAST: Cash settles transactions immediately and works Without WiFi or Electricity.

PERSONAL CONTROL When you use cash, what you spend is much easier to control. as you can just bring what you need.

LESS FEES: Without Your Consent Banks can add or increase transaction fees when using a card. 

INCLUSIVE: For people with limited or no access to digital money or socially vulnerable citizens such as the elderly or lower-income groups. 

CASH IS NOT PROGRAMBLE: Cash is NOT PERFECT and is subject to inflation, changing exchange rates, fraud and theft BUT it is not possible to program. Digitised money can be programmed and leaves us wide open to be told How And When To Spend OUR Money.

Going Cashless removes our freedom of choice, our autonomy, our privacy and leaves our society open to the possibility of centralised control of our spending and thus the micro management of our lives.

Here are some examples of controlled spending:

  1.  To have an expiration date.
  2.  To only be able to spend on specific products or services.
  3.  To only be spent in a specific locations.


People in many countries around the world including Ireland are having great success pushing back against the Cashless Agenda.

If you would like to hold an information drop in your area highlighting the dangers of a cashless society please go to our resources were you can get message boards and leaflets to assist you.

You could join forces with these people and businesses who are resisting the cashless system.