What we do

We Are Your Fathers, Your Mothers, Your Brothers, Your Sisters, Your Friends And Your Neighbours. We Are Here Because We Care.

Our task is to bring the information that the Irish media refuse to broadcast. We are presenting news stories from around the world that offer a counter argument to the main stream media, while sharing some ideas to those that want to get involved in the preservation of our way of life.

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Since March 2022 we have held over 150 Information drops in over 50 locations in Dublin and surrounding Counties. We have produced and distributed over 400k of our own flyers covering Pfizer’s own data , the Perils of a Cashless Society, CBDCs, Free Speech, the Sex Education curriculum and Excess Deaths . We have also given out over 30k flyers that were produced by other concerned groups around the Country

A five minute look at our 2023 Summer.

We would like to Thank all the volunteers for the enormous efforts it take to produce, organise and execute all to events, info drops and leaflets each piece takes hundred of hours’ and without the hundreds of people involved from handing out flyers in the rain to making posts here on WakeUpeiRe.com. Thank You for everything you all do.

Vigil for the vaccine injured

On the 15th June 2023 Eithne Brannigan who has been severely injured by the Covid 19 vaccine speaks out at a vigil WakeUpéiRe held for all the vaccine injured around the world.

Dave shares his pain at losing his sister Lorna to the ASTRAZENCA vaccine

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Our most recent information drops

Stephens Green 17/08/2023

Ballyfermot 19/08/2023

Wexford 26/082026

On Feb 24th 2023 WakeUpeiRe delivered their grave concerns to both Án Garda Síochána and HPRA.

Outside the Garda National Economic Crime Bureau

The Garda National Economic Crime Bureau (GNECB) is a specialist Bureau within An Garda Síochána that investigates the more serious and complex cases of economic crime, cases which are deemed unsuitable for local attention.  The Bureau also provides assistance to local investigations (garda.ie).

Presenting the Evidence to the Detective Sergeant:

Papers Presented

Presenting the Evidence to HPRA:

The Health Products Regulatory Authority (HPRA) regulates medicines for the benefit of the people.  HPRA must be independent, transparent and accountable (HPRA.ie).

A Day Out in Dalkey With Luke O’Neill:

In July 2022 LetsWakeUpOurCapital went to Dalkey to confront Luke O’Neill at his book signing.

Few Words outside Pfizers headquarters in Dublin from Darren who has been vaccine injured