TARTARIA Explained

I know you may be hesitant to watch this Tartaria Explained because of the subject, but it is crucial in understanding our messed-up past and future.

We go over the strange history of waste management and the palaces of the 18th century with all these wealthy aristocrats basically just shitting all over their beautiful creations. Not only that they were a bunch of Luciferians that got off on some weird stuff no joke(sade), these were the people who built these structures? And they are trying their best to build it back, Only Better???

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Starting with the practice of slavery in the ancient world, Simon Webb traces the history of slavery in Europe and examines the experiences of those who were forcibly taken from their homes. He describes how thousands of European boys were castrated and then sold in Africa and the Middle East, and also explains how the role of the newly-independent United States helped to put an end to the trade in European and American slaves. He also discuss the importance of towns such as Bristol, which was an important staging-post for the transfer of English slaves to Africa over 1,000 years before it became a major centre for the slave trade in the eighteenth century.

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Hospitals are COVID death factories, and Remdesivir continues to be administered today

Reports are flooding in about the horrors that took place at hospitals all around the World, many of which abused patients and committed systemic medical murder in the name of “saving lives” and “stopping the spread.”

Lawsuits are being filed left and right against hospitals that allegedly murdered People’s loved ones by putting them on Remdesivir or a ventilator after using fraudulent PCR tests to proclaim a “positive” Covid diagnosis.

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