Information drop Tallaght Dublin 24 06/09/2023

WakeUpéiRe held an information drop outside Tallaght Hospital to highlight Pfizers Safety data and the staggering increase in Excess Deaths in éiRe since 2021.

Few Photos From The Day

Edel shares her thoughts on People before Profits attitude to the vaccine injured

Barry talks about the objectives of WakeUpéiRe and upcoming information drops

Joseph talks about vaccine injury and the shocking excess deaths in éiRe

Philip is struggling to understand what People Before Profit are actually protesting

Cathriona who took the Covid 19 vaccine bravely hits the streets to share her concerns

A motorist informs Joseph of a loss of loved one from the Covid vaccine

Bridget talks about her reasons for attending

WakeUpéiRe is run and financed completely by volunteers, who give up all their available time to try pushback against a media which has unlimited funds at their disposal. Although many of us are members of different groups, we do not endorse or promote these groups while taking part in the information drops. We simply come together for a few hours several times a week to give out provable information that we know is being withheld from the people of éiRe . Our information drops are very costly to run and we are on the streets 3/4 times a week. For details on how you can help and to see more of our work please go HERE .

Thank you to Action Covid 1984 for recording this event. View their Rumble channel HERE