Things that concern us

Tapping into Globalism

So many of us are tapping and swiping bankcards/apps nowadays. It is an everyday habit that seems efficient and liberating – we don’t have to bother with the details of our money, bank notes and change. We have space freed up in our minds. Every time we tap, the big banks take a min of 1.5% charge from the business. Instead, if we use cash the business gets to keep that money. Every time we tap, our data is taken by the big banks. Global corporations harvest our personal data from digital transactions, phone, internet, smart devices and Fitbits etc. There is a huge economy in data (which they don’t tell us about) and we have no control over what they do with our information. Some of this data is used to programme Artificial Intelligence that will then replace human jobs.
In Ireland, data centres currently consume 14% of national grid electricity (rural homes consume 12%), and the more we tap the more of our data they will store.

Worldwide, governments are planning to eliminate cash and introduce digital money together with digital ID (the C-19 injection passport was a government-issued digital ID). The problem with this is that it can be programmed, with an expiry date, with carbon or social credit limits, or any type of condition the bankers decide. Every single thing we do would be tracked and traced, hence the need for bigger data centres that consume tons of water and electricity. The banks/government would see your medical prescriptions, your alcohol purchase, and could combine this with a pandemic injection status. It’s not hard to imagine a scenario where Injected people could use their money, and non-injected people could have their money digitally limited or blocked – all for the common good.
In April 2023, Irish TDs voted to pass the most extreme Hate Speech law in Europe. This bill gives special protection to people of different “gender” and “race”, giving these people elevated protection status above ordinary Irish people. The wording of the bill is so loosely defined that it is open to huge abuse by government who want to control freedom of speech. It actually inverts the legal precept of innocent until proven guilty, and is unconstitutional. Currently, April 2023, there is a campaign of ordinary people writing to the President asking him to refer this Bill to the Supreme Court.
Now, imagine a scenario where someone in possession of “hateful” material would have their digital money blocked, under a law that presumes you are guilty until proven innocent. If cash were eliminated the person would have no other money.

Small businesses are not inclined to ask customers to pay cash and keep bank charges and data harvesting out of transactions. Using cash as much as possible, and teaching our children to do this, is the one of the best things we can do for ourselves and others right now. It takes time to get used to paying with cash again, but if we make the effort, change the unconscious tapping habit, we keep our privacy, control and dignity. Global corporations want control, they don’t care about our dignity, but if we use more and more cash they can’t control us. This is how the ordinary people of Ireland can take back our personal power and care for ourselves and others. If the likes of Patrick Pearse or Michael Collins were alive today, they would be urging us all to use cash, for our dignity and freedom. We cannot allow unelected bankers to have so much control over us.

A concerned Irish Mammy