Local Election Candidates

Locate your region on the map above to discover candidates who genuinely stand by their convictions.

Local Elections in Ireland are a crucial aspect of the country’s democratic process, providing citizens with the opportunity to directly influence decisions that affect their daily lives. These elections, which typically occur every five years, determine the membership of local authorities, including city and county councils. The elected representatives, known as councillors, are responsible for making decisions on a range of local issues, from planning and development to waste management and housing. “The results of these elections can significantly influence the nature and progress of communities in Ireland. By reclaiming our local community and collaborating with other local communities, we can direct globalizing officials to the ‘Smart Home’ they envision for us.

WakeUpeiRe.com aims to empower as many Peoples as possible to take an active role in shaping their Nation. We strive to amplify the voices of those with the courage but who lack the resources, visibility, or campaigning experience to compete with official political campaigns. We believe that freedom of expression is crucial to a democratic republic.

If you are a candidate and would like to be add to the Map please contact the Map developer HERE

Credit gos to https://actioncovid1984.org/ for compiling the above Map.

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