How Ireland was exploited by the Holy See…

Throughout history, Roman Catholic Orders have been known to engage with Irish Catholics in a manner that has raised questions and concerns. The Vatican’s actions, which have impacted nations globally, are being scrutinized, countered by those with significant influence and resources, including certain factions of Opus Dei and the Jesuits. The alleged wrongdoings are extensive. The Vatican, as per Revelations 18, is urged to reform. A closer examination of Tuam, Ireland, and the Mother and Baby Homes reveals unsettling truths. It’s important to distinguish between the Roman Church and Christianity. The Roman Church operates under its unique interpretation of Christianity, which some argue contrasts with Biblical Christianity. This institution hides behind religious titles such as the Sisters of Mercy, the Good Shepherd, or the Society of Jesus, also known as the Jesuits. Despite its Christian façade, the Roman Catholic Church faces criticism for its practices and teachings, which some believe deviate from true Christianity. Ultimately, it is expected to align with Christian values or risk being discredited.

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