ONE BY ONE was Rik Mayall’s last major UK feature film.  When the men behind the curtain run out of enemies,

You’re next…

A cafe worker is violently jolted from her day-to-day existence when offered the startling revelation that this world may be on the brink of destruction, revolution, or both.

So this was all a few years ago and we are now at a point of humanity where we can discuss what Rik was warning us about at least for now we are free to discuss it.

This Movie was released in 2014, we the people must be told of the plans… what movies are out now? Are they portraying the future you want to see in 5+ years? Leave your comments below we really do need to discuss the path of “progress”

Director: Diane Jessie Miller.

Writer: Diane Jessie Miller.

Director: Rik Mayall.

Staring: Heather Wilson, Duncan Wigman, Sean Meyer, Katrina Nare, Steve Macaulay, Rik Mayall.

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