Honey is naturally safe and can last for millennia, Tinned foods can last for centuries (ignore sell by dates on cans) the food is preserved in a vacuum and cannot go off) – just need to store tins in a cool dark place. Regarding water, any stored water is safe – if you boil it then let it cool when to use – it is safe. Finally dried pulses, rice, dried fruits and dried pasta can be kept indefinitely as long as it stored in a cool, dry dark place.

Discover the secrets of 15 forever foods that never expire in our video! From essential survival items like water and salt to the versatile pantry staples like pasta and dried beans, we’ve got you covered. These items can stand the test of time and provide you with the sustenance and comfort you need in challenging situations. Watch the full video to learn more about their incredible shelf lives and practical uses. Don’t miss out on these invaluable additions to your long-term food storage!

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