The Irish Rising?

Our condolences and Prays are with the Familys, Friend and larger community surround the tragic and avoidable events of November 23th 2023. To the Man (whoever he was) who disarmed the culprit, We salute you, You know who you are, and you know what you did, You are a shining example of doing what needs to be done and we now need to heed your lead. PS, hope the Daughters Birthday went well otherwise. and Hold The Line (HTL) have been trying to raise awareness about the disenchantment building under the surface of the Irish Public. We ( feel that if the People of éiRe where allowed full disclosure of information of National importance so as to debate and discuss and to make educated and informed decisions that get listened to and implemented. This has clearly not been the view the Irish Governments over the years. So you get, what we have seen over the last few years, Suppression, Social Cohesion, Fear Propaganda and Total dis-regard for the very People whom the Government claim to serve and protect. Those who stand for nothing fall for everything. Alexander Hamilton.

The People of éiRe have been lied to, deceived and stolen from, they have been targeted, gas-lit and killed and lets be honest about it, that’s keeping very mild. One would hope that the events of 23ed of November where the line in the sand and having such an needless, senseless and spiteful atrocity carried so blatantly on the children with instant repercussions for State will encourage the Government to start to Listen to and maybe even heed the words of the People instead of passing legislation to criminalise any body who may see what is so painful to so many of us and devastating to an increasing number every day.

The irony is not lost on us that The Lotus Eaters are British Nationalists explaining the modern “Irish Problem” credit where it is due. I also find something very interesting about a Global Nationalist Movement an oxymoronic statement blowing my mind recently But since the British have now seen the Boot of Empire from the otherside, maybe they have a new understand for our struggle. We felt that this video was a suitable collection for information on the events of the day as many of you have been fallowing along on social media we did not feel it necessary to repost the same carnage, here we feel an offering of opinion from a neighbouring perspective is of some value.

Leave a comment and please lets have a conversation before helter-skelter well and truly setts in and its no longer possible, visit us at an Information Drop or Event (Click here to Learn More) Lets share ideas and build a real united Nation to counter the globalists psychopaths agenda to enslave you regardless of Nationality, Skin Tone or Creed, Me, You and We are their enemy that’s why more and more of us are imprisoned every year but never any of the State Actors. does not condone any act of violence.

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