Now that auto-Immunise issues are becoming more and more common (W.H.O Knows why), Please don’t fall in to another (The Next Step) Medical Confidence Trick.

1. If you’re using steroid creams, STOP! as soon as possible, you do need to work off slowly this is called Weening Off if you do not ween off slowly you actually risk crashing your adrenal system and doing far more harm that good… Please Ween slowly but as soon as possible.

2. Inform your doctor of your decision and the reasons why. Do not let them convince you to use steroids again, stand strong… and never forget a steroid is still a steroid if its in a cream, a pill or a shot its a stress hormone. That’s why Stress and Depression and Suicide are so prevalent in the Respiratory and Dermo wards.

3. Focus on maintaining a healthy diet and gut with as much regular exercise as you can tolerate.

4. No matter how bad things seem, No matter how bad the pain is, No matter how alone you feel, Do not revert back to topical steroids of any kind. You are not alone, The pain is making you stronger and Things will get better.

5. Focus on yourself and eliminate stressors from your life. This will probably mean taking control of some relationships you really thought where good & strong partnerships, friends, family and professionals of all sorts.

6. Never forget that you will get better. It will take time but you will get better.

7. If your loved one is going through this, support them. You don’t know how much it means to them.

3 years and counting I have been suffering from this awful condition CAUSED by the medical industry. There were days where I couldn’t physically work through pain. Days where I couldn’t get out of bath due to depression and searing pain. And days where I did not want to leave the house because I thought I looked so hideous. But I am 90% recovered now. At it’s worst I was red raw with raised open sores over both my hands, arms and entire body. I still itch sometimes, but it hardly bothers me, and I can now exercise without wanting to scratch my skin off. I do not moisturise at all even after showering as most moisturisers require a weening process as well not to mention most moisturisers still have low leaves of steroids, and my skin is getting stronger than ever. Each journey is personal but I found stress to be a major factor in making me flare. I went through a vegan diet, and cut out wheat and eggs and dairy but in the end I found what mattered most was having a healthy balanced diet containing lots of fruits and veg. There was no need for me to eliminate whole food groups. But like I said you must try things, and see what works for you. Have faith and don’t give up.


I started TSW 5 years ago this July and it’s something I haven’t completely dealt with mentally or emotionally, I’m pretty certain I have PTSD from it. The rawness, pain and truth in this documentary brought me to tears, I was full on sobbing at some points. A huge thank you and congratulations, Briana! This documentary was incredible, YOU are incredible!

This is amazing. Finding ITSAN saved my sons life. He is healthy and strong. He started a horrible TSW withdrawal that started when he was 4. He is now almost 8 and we hardly deal with his eczema at all. This experience was horrible, but had to happen. Thank you so much for your efforts. I will forever feel a debt to this community.

This is amazing! Thank you Briana for giving us sufferers a voice and giving up your time and energy and finances to do so! What a selfless act of kindness and generosity!! It was your videos on YouTube that helped me get through the worst part of Withdrawal. Thank you so much.