€20 Cashless Society

This is a fantastic fun information flyer with a very serious message. Great for dropping around the town or leaving on the bus etc. Have the craic around your village, they are guaranteed to get picked up when seen. The PDF is there for you download and distribute yourself.

2 thoughts on “€20 Cashless Society

  1. Hi – I am very interested in your website. I sent a letter to many TDs during the epidemic- got 1 reply to say that it was received. If you send me your email address I will forward you a copy of the letter. My partner and myself have not taken the covid vaccine- I am self-employed for over 40 years – a colleague got clots after it and can no longer work. (“Huge coincidence” as he had never been sick before). We know 6 more people who have suffered with side effects- 2 died, strokes and clots. It’s outrageous that the government and “mainstream media” have turned a blind eye. Someone will cut the strings from the puppets.

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