Pfizer Data

Pfizer tried keep its Covid 19 safety data unreleased for 75 years but a court in Texas ruled against them. Download the Court ruling HERE. The PDF below is the first data release from Pfizer that was released on the the 1st of April 2022. Page 7 of this data release clearly shows that Pfizer the FDA and the CDC all knew since February 2021 that 1223 people had already suffered fatal adverse reactions. The 9 pages of ADVERSE REACTIONS OF SPECIAL INTEREST contain over 1200 noted side effects, many of which are catastrophic to humans. If you were not informed of all the potential side effects before you took the Covid 19 vaccine you did not give informed consent.

If you are now experiencing ill health or have you lost a family member suddenly or unexpectedly after receiving the vaccine and you wish to take action please go HERE

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